Sunday, June 21, 2009

Father's Day 2009

Dada got a surprise hand-made father's card this year. Mama did a great job! Skyler will have a lot to learn and to help next time.

"What does Dada want for Father's day?" asked Skyler.
Dada: "Mama and Dada wants you to feel better and be playful again. We can't wait for you to run around and chasing us. Stay health so we can go swimming soon. Thank you for Mama and Baibai's gifts."

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Skyler waving to me...

After a long day at work, and some crappy things happened (work), I saw Skyler waving to me when I parked my car at the drive way. I saw him sitting on the sofa next to the window and smiling to me. I was so happy and forgot all the bad things. When I opened the door, he held my leg and kissed me. My heart was soft and felt I was the most happiest mom in the world with such a cutiest son. This the best gift I have for today.
I was a little bit overwhelmed with all the work and family issues lately. The office is surrounded by all the politics all the times. I feel stress out some times to deal with all these. It is like working in the forest, and you need to watch out the tiger/lion attack you anytime. Besides this, we need attend/company family every week. I just want to spend some quality of time with Samson and Skyler. I am mentally and physically tired. Thanks god I have my half day off this Friday, and I can spend some times with my ex-coworkers, and may have massage to relieve my stress.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Music Together

Skyler went to a Music Together demo class last Saturday in Pleasanton. First, he was a little bit shy, hide behind mama and papa. After a teacher handed him a drum, he started playing it. There were about 13 kids with the parents. The teacher sang some songs that we had no idea what they were...I guess we will know when we sign up the class and get the CD songs. It was a good exercise when you took this kind of class with the kid. It was a interactive class, and 100% participate in it. Samson and I both enjoyed, and even grandmom was smiling all the time when she saw Skyler singing and playing with the kids.
We decided to sign up for this class in summer. Hopefully, Skyler can gain some social skills and be more active when he is with other kids.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Skyler's updates

Mama and dada have been very busy...well, LAZY updating Skyler's blog. So, mama made a promise that we need to update bai bai's blog at least once a week. We want bai bai will can view them when he grows up! :)

We went to cherry picking last Saturday with grandmom, auntie Lily. Grandmom was the one who pick the cherries, and auntie Lily who held the umbrella and tried to hide in the shade. Bai bai just "squeezed" the cherries, but not picked. We all had a great time, and grandmom was so enjoyed...she got 11 pounds of cherries!! Grand-mom was happy!

On Sunday, Kealan came to our house with his papa and mama. Mom prepared all the food the night before for BBQ. Mom got a "mini" pool with shade for Bai Bai and Kealan to swim. Bai bai was out of control when he got into the pool. He likes to play in the water. We all had a good time during the weekend.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Skyler said "Baba..."

Skyler is a over 20lbs now. Grandma from HK has been visiting and taking care of Skyler. While Grandma Lisa is in town, she witnessed Skyler saying Mama and Baba. Skyler is eating baby food now and loves fruit. Erica will feed him watermelon, apple, and banana. I guess that why Skyler's his first "sweet" tooth is popping out.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Skyler said "MOM"

We were back from Canada last week. Both mommy and daddy were exhausted...since I didn't like to stay in the stroller, and mommy wanted to hold me when she saw me sitting without support. This is the first time to meet Carman kai ma and her families. Uncle Phil and kai ma's wedding was great. Daddy was MC, photographer, videographer....he was everything in the wedding. How talent he was... :)
The Banff trip was blast. The scenes are amazing, and the food prepared from Uncle Phil and kai ma was great. Oh, not to mention the ginger bread house competition... Kai ma and Grand Kai ma's house was..... I will let you guess the answer.
Tonight, mommy was talking with me, and I said my first word..."MOM" to her. Mommy thought that I was looking for food (mum mum), but she was still happy anyway. Daddy was jealous, and kept teaching me how to pronounce ba ba. hehe... :)
We will post some pictures from our Canada trip. Stay tunes.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Skyler's new hair cut

Supercut Grandma gave Skyler a new look. Both Daddy and Mommy was shocked when they got home from work.

Before the hair cut

After - No. 1 shortness

What do you think?

She also gave Skyler's friend, Kealan (aka Little Rodney) the same hair cut. Everyone can visit Kealan's blog to view the supercut experience.